Arduino "invalid application sizeof" error

Fear the orange bar in Arduino, for comes when all is not well.

Arduino "invalid application sizeof" error

This error was frustrating to fix but turned out it was a teensy tiny error of my own.



I was attempting to send a struct over a radio on Arduino

struct State {
    int x;
    int y;

struct State MyState;


radio.send((uint8_t *)&MyState, sizeof(struct MyState));

So I tried to get the size of an instance instead of the struct itself. No wonder Arduino complained that it couldn't find the struct with the error message of: invalid application ... to incomplete type 'loop()::MyState'.

Also note that & which points to the data, is required to convert the struct into a uint8_t type array for sending. Without it, MyState is a typedef of struct State, and the compiler wouldn't know how to convert a State into a uint8_t.


Convert sizeof(struct MyState) to sizeof(struct State).

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