Just some thoughts and observations on seeing a Microsoft and Apple store on the same block.


The Microsoft store had 5 employees in it. I couldn't count how many employees were in the Apple store but the ratio of customers to employees was not 0:5 for sure. Some differences that I observed:

  1. The Apple Store had places to sit while the Microsoft Store didn't for those who were not browsing. This made for a slightly uncomfortable browsing experience. If there is someone in your party that doesn't want to browse, there is nowhere for them to sit down. This makes it harder to linger, which you want people to do, otherwise you end up with a mostly empty store, which doesn't look good.
  2. I note that there are stools, but I didn't notice them when I walked into the Microsoft store. It looked too crowded to have them all pulled out.
  3. The products in the Microsoft store were right at the front. There was nothing to draw me deeper into the store. I felt a little crowded as well.
  4. There was a talk going on in the Apple store, I'm not sure how many people it added, but it gave those of us who were not buying anything something to pay attention to.